The truth about being positive

IMG_3507These days, the number one advice people have for you when you are going through a tough time is STAY POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE. Am I the only who is tired of hearing that? Don’t get me wrong, I definitely say it to people too but I am completely and utterly over that advice. I mean it IS a sound advice and although simple, it’s full of wisdom. STAY POSITIVE! But I always wonder if the person telling me thinks I am purposely being negative, as if I am enjoying the negative space I am in.

*sometimes I do enjoy my misery because it’s easier, but that’s beside the point.*

I think people mean well when they say that but positivity don’t just come. It doesn’t just happen because you want it to, positivity doesn’t happen magically.

The truthing is that:

Being positive is a gradual process! Just like everything “good” in life, positivity takes work. It is a step by step thing. A one day at a time thing. Sometimes a one moment at a time thing. You cannot just conjure up positivity, it cannot be willed to happen. It is a habit that needs to be developed and nurtured. It takes time. Being positive requires intentionality. You have to create space and time for it. To be positive, you have to find things and do things that makes you feel positive. You have to remove yourself from certain situations, people, and environment.

I just think we should be mindful in how we tell people to BE or STAY POSITIVE and give them room to develop this positivity. Life is tough and for people to come out of it or see it in a positive light is tough. Instead of just saying BE POSITIVE we can help them to be positive. By making taking the person out, allowing the person to grief, BEING QUIET, and maybe just ask them what you can do for them? Ask them, how can I make you smile? How can I help you get through the day? What can I do to make you feel positive today?

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