Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult


synopsis from goodreads.com

For over a decade, Jenna Metcalf obsesses on her vanished mom Alice. Jenna searches online, rereads journals of the scientist who studied grief among elephants. Two unlikely allies are Serenity Jones, psychic for missing people who doubts her gift, and Virgil Stanhope, jaded PI who originally investigated cases of Alice and her colleague. Hard questions and answers.

My thoughts

Maybe this wasn’t the right Jodi Picoult book to get into right after small great things which I reviewed HERE. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed that book, but that maybe the reason why Leaving Time didn’t really do much for me. Leaving Time is not as serious of book as small great things was so it’s really good as a summer read.

The book is about ghosts, psychics and elephants, I mean… come on. I don’t even know where to start with this. The whole book is told by ghosts and spirits but the reader doesn’t find out till the very end. I actually liked that bit, I was so shocked I didn’t even see it coming.  

I’ve never really thought about elephants in depth or anything like that but this book made me realize how sensitive they are and that they are not just animals. Learning about how these animals grieve was just eye opening. Sometimes we just treat animals any type of way without a second thought into how they feel, we assume they are just animals so what? I’m no animal activists, I probably should be, but this completely worried me about my disregard when it comes to animals.

Also about psychics, I actually think there are people in this world who are in touch with the spirit world. I don’t think they can predict anyones future but I think there are people who see things beyond what most people do. I appreciated serenity psychic abilities and I like how Jodi wrote it. She didn’t make it as spooky as most psychics are made to be in stories.

The storyline didn’t really move me. A child feeling abandoned by her mother is a story that has been told so many times and I don’t think Jodi brought anything new to it that haven’t been heard of before.

I didn’t look into when this book was written but I think she has improved tremendously in terms of writing and storytelling. This book had a lot of “white noise” that didn’t show up in her first book that I read. Overall, I will give this book 3 star ratings.

Have you read any Jodi Picoult books?

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