Book Review: Lucky by Alice Sebold

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My thoughts:

Reading this book was my first introduction to Alice Sebold so I am not too familiar with her story besides what I read in lucky. To me, it was just a series of deep darkness and unfortunate incidents that she never really managed to deal with so I am not certain why the book is called lucky. I don’t see luck in her story unless it was referring to her victory in court against her rapist.

Rape is something I like to stay away from because it brings up the worst in me. I just have zero tolerance for rapists in any shape or form and them going to jail is not enough consequences for me. Its also one thing that makes me feel extremely out of control due to the fact that there is absolutely nothing you can do for a victim. I guess that’s what made me sympathize with the fathers of both Alice and her roommate. I am not a parent but I know the type of protection parents like to offer their children and to know that there is nothing you can do about your child being rape would drive any human insane.

I love her poem Conviction about the rapist. It was dark but it was real. Many of you know I am a Christian and I probably shouldn’t be promoting hate but it was the realest poem about rape that I had ever read. She wanted to put him, Gregory Madison, her rapist in as much pain as he had inflicted on. (read CONVICTION here)

I found it strangely refreshing especially after I watched a TED talk where a rape victim shared the stage with her rapist. WHAT? And WHY? I do not want to be judgmental and I think we should offer grace when we can but I do not think this type of thing should be publicized. I do not think rape victims should go after their rapist wanting them to accept what they’ve done and expect an apology to make the victim feel whole. I understand that some people might need that, but it shouldn’t be encouraged. I do not think it wise to show women that the person that cause the pain is the only person that can erase the pain. The source of your pain IS NOT the mender of that pain! And for him to be on TED talk making money or gaining publicity? I couldn’t believe what I was watching. It wasn’t realistic and it was disturbing. Some may have found Alice’s poem disturbing but it makes more sense to me to want to kill your rapist that to share a stage with him.

I don’t know how to critique the book itself, in terms of writing style and character developments and such because it is a non-fiction and I don’t think I can judge how someone should tell their own story. I saw reviews of people complaining about how she made the entire book and every situation including her life decisions about rape and I am kind of shrugging with my hands up, like, what should it be about? That WAS her life. That was everything!

Overall, I liked getting to know her and ugh, I have no ratings.

Have your read Lucky? and apparently there is a movie, have you seen it?

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