Life Lately

life lately

Hi friends,
Let us play catch-up!

I quit my job

I don’t know if any of you remember, but I had 2 jobs for while. I quit one at the beginning of January, not because I am rolling in dough but because there was something that I had to focus on. I am so glad I quit that job. My manager was great but management as whole was not so good. I really liked my co-workers, but they brought things out of me that I didn’t like. I was never in the middle of drama but I apparently have the face that make people want to tell me things, so most times I was stuck in the middle of drama. It wasn’t fun. Mind you, I was the youngest person there, so dealing with grown petty drama was not my jam. The job itself didn’t pay well especially for the work we did. I am fortunate to have been able to leave. One of my co-workers from India told me how fortunate I was, because she couldn’t quit and I could. Her quitting meant she was going to be jobless because she has never really applied for a job before and this one was kind of handed to her. But she cries almost everyday working there. She used to be a teacher in India and she was respected and paid well. But at this job she, she gets spoken to any type of way, gets made fun of because of her accent, etc… Being an immigrant in USA is difficult.

How I’m living out my word of the year, SELAH- pause and praise

I wrote about my word of the year in this post, but to tell you the truth I don’t know how well i am living it out. Granted it has only been 2 months since the New Year began. I chose this word to remind me to give up “busy-ness” and replace it with fellowship with God. But it seems like when I give up something, I replace it with something else and still have no time or I get too tired. This brings me to:


Is anyone observing lent this year? In the spirit of #Selah2017, this year, I am not focusing on giving up things, adopting things, etc… But my focus will be on time with Jesus and his journey to the cross and to fully understand and seek His face more. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things i am giving up to make this time happen but it’s not my focus. Over the years I have made Lenten season a season to practice self-control and discipline, but that’s not what it is about. I am not punishing myself by abstaining from the things I find pleasure in, but for the few days, I am setting aside my pleasures to know God more. Honestly, I should be doing this all year ‘round. But, you know…

Inflammation of the throat say what?

On one of the most important week of my life, I caught a virus. Initially i thought it was some kind of sore throat caused by dry throat since my water intake has been super low. I’m going to do better. Anyways, i didn’t do anything about it because I thought it was going to go away by itself. 3 days in, I see some white patches in my throat and thanks to webmd, I self diagnosed it as tonsil stones and did everything to get them out. They were not tonsil stones, they were pus, like what are in pimples. Yes gross! I couldn’t eat or drink for about 4 days, I also lost about 6-7lbs which I happy about. Haha! But I am feeling a lot better now. I had my first proper meal about 2 days ago.

Nicki or Remy?

How has life been for you lately?

2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. It is crazy how a “normal” job can be so emotionally draining. I was an engineer at a large power plant five years ago and was miserable. I hated going to work everyday. I remember my parents saying I was just spoiled and needed to grow up. I tried to talk to my black co-workers and they said “You think you better than the rest of us. It sucks for us it should suck for you also.” I really walled myself off. It was the main reason for my depression. I am glad you were able to figure out what was the healthiest thing for you. It shows you have alot of maturity.

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    1. eeeek. sorry to hear that. Unfulfilling jobs are the worst especially when you spend majority of your day there coupled with unsupportive co-workers will harm anyone.


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