2: Taking stock

I’ve been gone too long! Here is to catching up.


Making :  Nothing! I have not made anything in a really long time. What is up with that? I do not know. But I maybe making my sister’s wedding invitations. Maybe! Who knew invitation cards were so expensive?

Cooking : The last time I cooked was about 5 days ago. I have been super busy and I am over it.

Drinking : gas station coffee. Not everyday starbucks

Reading: Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa, The shadows of Ghadames by Jolle Stolz and Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner

Wanting: to make something

Looking: for a new job. A better paying job soon

Deciding: what my next move is

Wishing: for a new grey bag

Enjoying: now, this peace in my heart

Waiting: for everything, anything!

Liking: sneakers! I used to hate them but now I want to own like 10 pairs. Okay, maybe just another one then I will have like 3

Wondering: “how long is this going to last?”- this not having enough funds for anything life

Loving: monkey! So much!

Listening: Hillsong’s “Transfiguration.” I cannot explain how obsessed I am with this song. It is so beautifully written and I seriously just come undone when I sing it. When I think about THE ALMIGHTY God revealing himself to us, it makes me cry out of gratitude and reverence because, who am I? Seriously? That he already knew that we may not fully understand so he confirmed divinity. Ahhh. go listen to the song!

Considering: moving out- where is the money tho? ugh

Buying: hair products.

Watching: love and hip-hop, 90210, the good wife, devious maids- that sounds like a lot of tv or hulu..and the bachelor! Our new bachelorette is going to be EVERYTHING.

Hoping: for a miracle

Cringing: the instability that is becoming the US government

Needing: money! haha

Questioning: my life

Smelling: amazing Grace, by Philosophy

Wearing: All black everything

Noticing: How cold this room is

Thinking: God.

Admiring: black nike sneakers. Is this me?

Getting:a little bit anxious about next week

Feeling: stagnant

Celebrating: nothing at the moment

Forgetting: what it’s like to be carefree

Pretending: I’ve been pretty honest with myself lately.

Embracing: positivity and slowness

Take your own stock and tag me so I can find out what you’ve been up to? 

4 thoughts on “2: Taking stock

  1. I have a Taking Stock entry that has been sitting in my Drafts for about two weeks now but I get too distracted to finish it. Sigh.. I’ll take this as a nudge to complete and post lol 🙂

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