Selah 2017: word of the year


Pause and praise

Selah is my word for 2017.

I do not think I am making tangible goals this year (resolution type goals) but I want to focus on one word that will guide my 2017. This is actually a thing, there are thousands of people who pick one word for a year and live around that word.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, I expressed in a couple of my blogs my quest for a simple, minimal life. I’ve done a couple of blog posts about it that you can find here, here and here. Living simple for me doesn’t only mean living with few material possessions but includes being simple in my dealings with others, what I choose to engage in, what occupies my mind and being selective in my choices. This also requires intentionality. (I’m sure everyone want to leave this word in 2016, eh)

Being intentional to me means to pause and think before making the next move and to pause and bask in what is happening.

Pausing for me will mean not saying yes to everything, not volunteering for every cause I believe in, not working at a place I hate that doesn’t help with my growth. I will be pausing to enjoy life more, doing things I like more, writing more, listening to music more, visiting café’s and most importantly resting.


When I was looking into the word, I found there isn’t a clear definition but I came across “pause and praise,” and I liked that definition best.

Pausing can potentially bring several realizations; in pausing, you can realize how bad things are or how good things are, or how okay things are. For the bad things, I hope to fix them or get rid of them. For the okay things, I hope to maintain it however necessary and for the good things I hope to be more grateful. But in ALL things (Christian girl moment) I hope to praise God.

Do you have any New Year resolutions, goals, word, etc…?


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