failed 2016 book challenge


So I joined millions of people on to embark on this 2016 book challenge. My goal was 50 books, but I didn’t even do half. I read 17 books. Below are my top 3:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn– I wrote a book review on it HERE

Why not me? by Mindy Kaling – i didn’t write a book review on this book but I absolutely love Mindy Kaling. I watch her show and follow her on the IG. The book was mostly about her journey to the Mindy project which is her show, now on hulu. She talks about hollywood, her friends, opportunities, meeting president Obama,  dating and so much more

Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis– I don’t believe i have any book reviews on these. I have read about 4 books from the series and I absolutely love them

5 thoughts on “failed 2016 book challenge

  1. I think that you are being a little hard on yourself. Life happens when we least expect it, so its okay to not fulfill a goal of 50 books. Plus, we all know that not all books area created equal. I read primarily non-fiction, and most of them I approach from a scholarly viewpoint…which makes my pace slow down quite a bit. It is not unusual for me to take too many notes, either; this compounds the challenge of cranking out a quick review per book. 2016 gave way to me increasing the quantity of books, but the total number of reviews was quite miniscule in comparison. I’m hoping to play catch-up this year, but we’ll see what life brings. Best wishes for a great 2017!

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    1. Thanks and to you too!! I’m in my 20s old enough to start reading some non-fiction but I can’t get into them. I may have to check out some of your reviews

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  2. 17 isn’t bad at all! Reading actual whole books is one thing I’m trying to get more into the habit of. I tend to read 1/3 of a book then get bored or something.. ugh.

    I’ll try, try again..

    🙂 xo


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