16 things I’m leaving in 2016

Well here is a fun post!

  1. Small talk– I absolutely hate small talk but I continue to engage in it because I think it means I am nice. I will no longer be forcing myself to talk about the weather. In Ohio, the weather changes about 6 times in one hour. A brand new baby knows this, we all know this, we don’t need to talk about it.
  2. I’m leaving behind stress– Is it even possible? At least I can try
  3. Taking painkillers for other people’s headache– I’m just done done done with that. Other people’s problems are their problems, NOT MINE. I will help when I can, and if not so be it.
  4. Not working on my relationship with God– I mean I REALLY need to leave that behind and solidify this bond.
  5. Slang– I think these slang words are fun and all but as I get older, I need to be a little bit selective with my choice of words. I also don’t need to worry about knowing them. I don’t care.
  6. Explaining #blacklivesmatter, appropriation and white privilege– Can we all just leave this behind? If people want to play ignorant let them live there. Don’t explain till you’re blue and spent and discouraged. It isn’t worth it. Your mental health is important
  7. Fear- there is really nothing to be afraid off
  8. Saying yes to everything– sometimes, I mean most times I want to say no, so I will say no! Saying no does not make me a bad person.
  9. Procrastination– I seriously need to have left this behind 5 years ago, but I will try to leave it in 2016 for good
  10. #goals– NO NO NO! Nothing is goals! People need to make their own goals, looking at other people’s life and saying #goals is type creepy.
  11. Negative people– I struggle with my own negative thoughts, I cannot afford to have any more negative noise around me.
  12. Not taking breaks– I need to realize that life goes on without me. I am not a significant contributor at either of my jobs, so the days where I can barely think and move, I will take a break, call off or go in a little late. #selfcare
  13. Ignoring my friends– Pray for me to leave this behind. I need to treat my friends like friends. The truth is there will always be something to do, but we as people won’t always be around. So we need to take our relationships seriously.
  14. Those frontal things/wigs with “baby hair”– If you wear these, forgive me. Its all jokes, but those fake baby hairs look like fake baby hairs. Don’t do it.
  15. Guilt– I’m just done with it
  16. Arguments– I am leaving that behind. I need to pick my battles wisely and not engage in every argument someone wants to start.

What are you leaving behind in 2016?

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