unaccomplished goals of 2016


The new year is in a few days!! Can you believe it? I cannot. I know we are all saying this. Around this time of the year people are buying planners, (like I did) creating resolutions and setting some goals for themselves. But before that, people are checking of all off all the goals on their list that they achieved and speaking about how closer they are to their dreams.

But what if you didn’t accomplish anything in 2016, what if nothing on your list of goals has a check mark next to it? What if your dreams still seem so far away? What then? What now?

Last week, I was telling my friend that I didn’t accomplish anything this year. I had about 3 things or maybe 4 things on my list and I didn’t accomplish anything. To be honest I accomplished one thing, but it seems like nothing because there were 3 other things on the list. Many things contributed to why I didn’t reach my goals but it was still all me. I can’t help but think I could have done more, just a little bit more. But I did do more, so maybe it isn’t about more. I worked the hardest and sacrificed more than I have in past years. But nothing! I accomplished nothing. So what now?


This is what grace is for. For the times when you haven’t done anything and couldn’t have done more. Grace tells you that it is okay.

What went wrong?

Once you’ve offered yourself grace, its time to figure out what went wrong. For me, 2015 was a trying year and so I came into 2016 with very few goals knowing that this year was going to be about surviving and coming up out of the gutter of 2015. I guess I didn’t really know how deep of a valley I was in till it was time to make my way up. So what went wrong for me was that I wasn’t realistic and I wasn’t really prepared for what I wanted.

making more realistic goals?

When I say I wasn’t realistic, I do not mean my goals were so outrageous it wasn’t doable, my goals are doable and many people are doing it. It was just not realistic for MY situation and the circumstances I was dealing with.

How do I feel about my unaccomplished goals?

Of course I am disappointed and I wish I had check more things of my list this year, but it is what it is. right?! What can I do but go harder in 2017.

5 thoughts on “unaccomplished goals of 2016

  1. Hi Shereen! Nice recap on the flip side of being real about goals, especially at this time of year when it almost seems natural to gauge and refleclt. What is it that you think held you back from accomplishing those other 3 goals? Fear? lack of resources? or… ? You said you worked your hardest but still nothing, so I’m just curious if you covered all bases and still found yourself falling short


    1. A huge factor was lack of resources. Mostly financial resources and not passing my bar exam. I put “all my eggs in one basket” which was passing my bar exam. That was going to help me get a better paying job and etc… when that failed, everything else did. So anxiety, fear and the worst of it self pity took over which stopped me from doing the necessary things. When I say worked hard I mean I studied the most I’ve ever done, worked 2 jobs, etc…


      1. Aww. Bar exam.. sorry about that! I asked because I wanted to make sure I was within reason to say don’t beat yourself too much about it. In this case, sometimes we try our best and don’t get the result we feel we worked so hard for. To that, be 100% honest with yourself and look for the lesson learned from all angles. I’m no expert at life or anything obivouly (lol), but I can only speak from personal experience. I have also found that having a positive mindset and envisioning myself already where I hope to be, actually works! In other words, work diligently but focus on the moment knowing that the end result will be what you have envisioned. A lot of people get side tracked by thinking too much ahead that it takes away from being in the moment. Not having achieved 3 of your 4 goals is defeating I’d imagine, but it certainly isn’t the end of the world. Every experience is something to learn from. I’m not saying slack off, but take it easy and trust that you will do what’s good for you by acting accordingly toward the things you go through, and hopefully learn from. I’m rooting for ya! 🙂 xo

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        1. Ahhhhh thanks Angela. My own negative thoughts is ruining my life. I’m definitely working on having a positive mindset but when you’ve been a pessimist for a long time it’s a tad bit harder!!

          I am so grateful for your thoughtful comment. So grateful!!

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