Book review: It Ends with US by Colleen Hoover



Lily grew up in a dysfunctional household where her father abused her mother physically. She witnessed these fights so many times that she swore she wouldn’t let that happen to her when she got older. Lily judged her mother for staying and never understood why she continued to be with her abusive father.

Her few joys growing up was to watch Ellen Degeneres show after school and eventually began writing to her although never mailing letter. Ellen’s show became more than hers when she met a homeless boy she fell in love with, it became their thing then.

This was Lily Bloom younger years in Maine.

Fast forward to Boston, Mass. Lily has graduated from college and thriving in her field in marketing, her father is dead, the homeless boy is no longer in her life and she finds a new love. This new love is Ryle and he is not what Lily expected him to be. Ryle is a promising brain surgeon, rich and handsome and seem to have everything going in his favor. But as Lily and Ryle continue to become one, Lily discovers something about him that threatens to come between their almost perfect loving relationship.

My thoughts

Before you read it, note that it ends with us has some triggers and you should proceed with caution if you are easily triggered or are prone to it.

This was my first book written by Colleen Hoover and based on the reviews, I was looking forward to this book so much. I had it on hold for about 2 months, there were about 5 people ahead of me. But I waited for it!

I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but the book didn’t meet my expectations. It wasn’t a terrible book, but I wanted more. It felt unfinished.

I did appreciate Hoover’s authenticity and rawness of how abuse really works. I think she expressed it from various point of views and she took the topic very seriously and was direct in her message. Which was that, abuse can and often time is a cycle that needs to be broken in order not to pass it on to the next generation. She was real about what it meant to love someone really and truly, and if the love was real, safety and happiness is of most important, not being together.

Once again, another predictable book I’ve read this year. I’m not sure if that is the danger of reading too much, the stories become almost the same and the surprise element disappears.

Hoover’s writing made for an easy read. I finished the book in about 48 hours total. I liked her choice of words but it was really simple and looking at her audience, I think that’s what she intended for it to be.

I think I’m going to read 2 or 3 more of her books just to get to know her better but it won’t be based on this book alone.

I rate this book 3/5

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