life lately

It is a shame that the last time I wrote here was 21 days ago. But you know, life was happening. I travelled to Ghana for a few weeks and I just returned. In the upcoming weeks, I will be compiling a “places to go” while in Ghana posts for you all. Hope you’re interested.

I’ve gone to Ghana every year for the past 3 years and every time I come back to the states I feel rejuvenated and feel like I have to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I don’t know if it is because of the rest I got or just seeing people’s hustle. But I love that feeling. The feeling that I am capable.

My trip had lots of highs and lows. Met new people, got to know some people better, etc… But the more I go to Ghana, the longer my list of people I have to “gift” become. It is the norm to bring something to someone in Ghana when traveling from abroad and also bring something to someone in the States when returning. I’m not sure when and why this things started but my list is getting longer and I am over it. Just kidding!

One low I’m going to get out of the way is when a kebab stick poked me right in eyeball! I kid you not! It was right next to my pupil and I was in pain for days. It is still healing but the pain is almost nonexistent and my eye looks so much better.

It is December 2nd! I CANNOT TAKE IT!! This year legitimately flew by. I have no idea what I did and didn’t do. These are the moments I am thankful to have a blog because I can easily go back and read what I wrote. I am filled with the anticipation of next year but I am forcing myself to be present and live out the last few days of 2016.

I’ve been thinking a lot about environment lately and its impact on how life progresses or remain stagnant. It wasn’t till last month that I really looked and examined my environment and the people that I am surrounded by and sadly, I am convinced certain things aren’t happening because of who I am around and where I am placed. Don’t get me wrong I am not pointing fingers, in actuality, I am to blame. I placed myself where I am. I am looking forward to removing myself from certain things and creating a better space for myself.

I have also decided not to give out Christmas gifts this year. This year has been a bit of a struggle financially, so I think wishing everyone a merry Christmas will suffice. This is a decision I have made for myself and I hope everyone is understanding.

I think that’s all. How has life been lately for you?

2 thoughts on “life lately

  1. Hi Shereen! Nice to see you posting again 🙂
    Sorry about the kebab stick! My gosh – that sounds painful.. geez
    Glad you’re feeling good after your trip! xo


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