Book review: The widow by Fiona Barton


Brief summary

Jean Taylor is the widow. Her and her husband lived a life of secrets that they both held very close to them till He died. Glen Taylor was heavily involved in his “nonsense” as Jean Taylor described it. This nonsense was the cause of all their problems and eventually led to Glen’s death.

Bella Elliot is missing and they believe someone took her from her home. She was abducted at 2 years old when she was playing outside while her mother Dawn was making food, 4 years later after Bella’s disappearance, a connection is formed between the Taylors and Elliot’s.

My thoughts

A lot of people have compared this book to Gone Girl because of the psychological chaos of it all. But for me, it wasn’t as thrilling as Gone Girl. The book was told from many different point of views but surprisingly, the linked up well together. But the chapters were really short and I think they could have easily been combined.

I also don’t know if this theme of different dates for every chapter is a “thing” for psychological thrillers or mystery books, since I just start getting into those this year, but I find it extremely annoying and I find that its literally putting my brain to work. I guess that’s a good book, a book that makes you think.

This book was extremely predictable. I thought the secret the widow was hiding was going to leave me with my mouth open or something of that sort. I was expecting something really crazy. In a way, the secret was wild, but by 2016 standards, it really wasn’t.

But this makes me think of how desensitized we have become as a society. We are bombarded with so many images of atrocities and people just doing really foul things that nothing fazes us anymore really. So in that aspect, I won’t even blame the book synopsis of being misleading about how intense the secret was. It’s just something we hear too often that we are just shocked but not really shocked of it.


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