17:Blogtober: “favor is for purpose, not for status.”

About 3 days ago while going through my Instagram feed, I came across Christine Canes photo about a March she organized for girls who are slaves to sex trafficking.

The photo was of her and her family which include 2 teenage girls. She wrote in the caption about how her and her husband are instilling in their girls that they’re freedom isn’t just their own but rather, the freedom they have is for a reason and they have to do something with it. At the end she did this:

Favor is for purpose, not for status

I’ve been thinking about this statement for many hours ever since I read it. Because, I’ve been struggling with my thirst for success. I didn’t know why I wanted what I wanted. I’m someone who is very cautious about doing things for the wrong reason. So anytime I would lose sleep over certain things or the future, I will revert back to being passive and not do anything at all because I thought I wanted things for the wrong reason.

I had an AHA moment today.

I realized it was purpose burning in me and pushing me to do things. I want God to bless me so I can be a blessing to people. It’s not that God can’t bless us all on His own. But God works through us so we can see His glory and share His love and mkee Himself more evidence. So God places us in situations and postions and equip us with knowledge, skills and talents so we can impact our brothers and sisters. So we can help them cultivate their own skills and talents.

I’m so glad that status doesn’t drive me because if that was the case, I really wouldn’t do anything. But with this revelation of purpose coming out of blessings, I can strive for greatness.

Fun fact: I used to feel entitled and spoiled asking God to bless me. I will ask myself, why should God bless me? What am I going to do with the blessings when it comes? Is it for selfish gain? All these questions will keep me up and I’ll ultimately just quit asking God to bless me and passively say, “let Your will be done.”

I want to know, what is your purpose? What drives you to want more out of life?

***this was typed on a phone. I’m sorry if there are typos. But I just wanted to share this

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