12:Blogtober: Famous men I’d like dine with


 STEVE BANTU BIKO!!…I mean check out the title of my blog and blog url…if this doesn’t display my love for him I don’t know what else will. This man was considered the father of black consciousness during the movement in South Afrika. May his soul rest in PERFECT peace!! when I meet him in heaven, we shall make babies.

BISHOP DESMOND TUTU….loved that he played a major role in during the Truth and Reconciliation movement after apartheid South Afrika. His teaching on forgiveness, did things for me!!..in the face of all that his people went through at the hands of their oppressors, he still preached forgiveness…..outstanding!

 MINISTER SONNIE BADU!!….o gosh!!..his voice makes me cry…his passion for Christ makes want to ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..we can worship 24/7 if he ask me to!!

 FELA KUTI!!…Mr. I no be gentle man…my God, his tunes helps me reflect on my “Afrikaness”..he speaks truth in his songs…RIP… you are alive in our hearts

 K’NAAN! probably my favorite rapper…EVER!!…you teach me life…soooooo handsome!!…rising to the top despite the hurdles!! “never let them see you down, SMILE WHILE YOU BLEEDING…

 KOFI ANNAN- handsome!!..i’m reminded that, it doesn’t matter where you come from you can make a difference in the world!!…i will just sit there and have talk about all he did with the United Nations…i just want to taste it all….

KWABENA KWABENA…we wouldn’t even eat. He will just sing to me the whole time, I’ll sing, “meye nya wo p3 nyina…” and he will sing back “she’s an afrikan beauty bibinii baa ya tete ne wofie..” aye!

What famous person would you like to dine with?

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