10:Blogtober: how to make fresh tomato sauce 

Hi! So here is a fun post.

In the wake of eating healthy, my parents have decided to do away with canned tomato sauce. But they are still eating other things…but I digress! Lol. 

I typically do the cooking so I wasn’t very open to this idea because I thought it was going to be tedious and make my food taste different. But I remembered back home in Ghana when I was growing up No one ever used tomato sauce they just used this recipe I’m going to share below. It is really fast and easy and the food I cooked with the sauce came out amazing!

  1. Wash and cut up tomatoes into a pan 
  2. Add you seasoning. Some ppl like to do it after but I want it to be infused in the sauce so I do it prior 
  3. Steam the tomatoes. Meaning, let the vapor cook the food…so do not add water
  4. After the tomatoes get super soft and begin forming a sauce on its own, throw it in a blender 
  5. Hit the purée button on your blender and in a few seconds, your tomato sauce is ready. 

So easy right?! 

What healthy food choices are you making?

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