7: blogtober: On Kim Kardashian

This is probably going to be the first and last time I speak on Kim Kardashian or anything Kardashian because I don’t know too much about them, neither can I relate to their life. I do know a few things however. I know Kim Kardashian donates a lot of money to charities, I know they have several successful reality TV shows and that she is married to Kanye West. And most well know thing about her, that she had a sex tape with Ray-J that was released without consent.

Last week we learnt that Kim was robbed of her things at gun-point. Fortunately, she was unharmed physically.

What has surprised me in all of this is the attitude of the general public who probably do not know anything about Kim. I’ve read comments by people saying she brought this on herself, and that they don’t care that this happened to her. People are saying that it is an insurance scam and we shouldn’t be praying for her… because there are other people who REALLY need our prayers.

I’m sorry WHAT? We have the prayer police among us and I didn’t know?!

The worst is people telling other people not to defend her or be sad about this extremely horrible situation because she had a sex tape and has money. What does these two elements in her life have to do with the wrong committed against her? This woman’s life was in danger. People were close to losing a daughter, sister, wife and mother, yet people are stuck on the fact that she is a sexual being and rich!

It’s really discouraging to witness people being so mean to others based on moral standard that they themselves may not even adhere to.

I’ve always wondered why people have such hatred towards celebrities. It probably stems from the fact they have and flaunt and the general public doesn’t have to flaunt. Besides blatant jealousy, I do not know what will provoke anyone to say the things they said about Kim K.

I’m just disgusted by all this. We really have to do better as a society!

2 thoughts on “7: blogtober: On Kim Kardashian

  1. Lol… Prayer police… That got me laughing 😂 but I do agree with you, Shereen. No matter how much money and fame she has, we can’t dismiss the harassment she went through. She’s human just like everyone else and is deserving of sympathy. Nice piece 👍

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