4:Blogtober: Book Review of Don’t You Cry


Don’t You Cry was written by Mary Kubica and the story was told by two different people in two different places. Quinn is a 20 something who lives in Michigan. She is also the roommate of the main character Esther. Quinn wakes up from a night of partying and finds her roommate Esther gone from their shared apartment. In her quest to find Esther, she finds out that “saint Esther” killed her roommate by feeding her something she was allergic to. Esther also without notifying Quinn put out an ad for a new roommate. Quinn discovers things about Esther that she didn’t know, for example that her eyes weren’t real, that she had a name change and was taking huge sums of money from her bank account.

Alex, is an 18 year old lonesome boy residing in Michigan. At work one day, he comes across a girl that he names Pearl. He develops a sudden infatuation with Pearl and finds out her very interesting and begin hanging out with her and helping her out a little bit. He decides that Pearl is a little strange because she sleeps in a house that is known to hosts ghost and asks to see the grave of a young girl who died ages ago and  goes to the grave and digs it up.

Alex and Quinn’s story come together when Esther is found and “Pearl” confesses to a few secrets.


I liked the story itself. But the writing put me in excruciating pain.  This book had too many words that meant nothing, just irrelevant unnecessary details. Mary Kubica is obsessed with describing things, I mean her use of adjectives were excessive and added absolutely nothing to the story. One that stands out to me was how she used about 4 sentences (exaggerating) to describe the floor of the storage room where Esther was found. Some of the characters were useless, for example Ben and the psychologist, I didn’t get it.

Also I didn’t like that Quinn told the story. Alex I get, but Quinn? I would have prefer “Pearl” tell the story. Anyways, I don’t have much to say about it.

I’m trying not to finish books I don’t like because I don’t want to give a poor review on a book someone probably worked really hard on. But I’m sure as writer, she’s read critique from important writers and a blogger with 25o following isn’t that big of a deal!


I will rate this 2.5/5 stars! 😦

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