3:Blogtober: a toast to the good-doers 

This here is toast to the good-doers, the lovers, the good vibers, the people who walk in love, the ones with open fists, the ones with big hearts, the givers, the rescuers, the comforters, the “what is mine is your…”-er’s, the providers. May abundance be your portion!

I went to bed hungry last night, but I wasn’t too bothered by that because I knew when morning came, I would be going to my new favorite donut place I was introduced to last week. Y’all remember how God promised us joy in the morning? Anyways

I left the house earlier than usual because I wanted to have time to go to the donut place and then enough time to enjoy the donut in traffic on my way to work. The donut place is called Schneider’s Bakery. When I got to Schneider’s, I asked for 2 glazed donuts and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

I took out my wallet to pay and I remembered that Schneider’s does not take debit/credit cards. I did not have cash on me. I never have cash on me. It’s really a bad habit I need to fix but eh. . . I’m working on it.

So before me are my donuts and my warm cup of coffee!

The older lady who served me simply tells me to go ahead with the donuts and coffee and tells me to pay for it during my next visit. WHAT? “Where they do that at?” Of course I’m rejecting this really nice gesture because, although I love my donuts, I do not know when I will be going back and I just don’t like the idea of borrowing.

While she was trying to convince me to take my meal, a lady walks into the bakery and over hears the conversation. She immediately takes out the money, gives it to me and let me pay for it. She tells me, she just wanted to bless me. I thank her, pay for the donuts and coffee with the money she gave me, say my goodbyes and walk out feeling overwhelmed

I was just in awe of how generous and kind these two women were towards me. It is very rare that someone allow a stranger to borrow from them solely on their “word” and even rarer that someone will voluntarily offer their money. These days we hold onto our money with the tightest grip because life is expensive and times are hard. Plus, many people work so hard for their money, so the thought of spending outside ones budget is out of the question.

Yet there I stood. A business willing to hand out free food when they could sell it and a lady who didn’t expect to spend the money she did on me, handing it to me.

So once again, I toast to the good-doers!!

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