1:Blogtober: I need a miracle!!

Happy new month friends!

My wish for this new month or should I say my prayer for this month is to witness a miracle in my life. Not one of those miracles people claim is happening all around and that I just have to open my eyes and heart. NAH! Not those type of miracles. I already know they exist, I know my being alive is a miracle, the air I breathe, the ability to do all sort of things etc…I appreciate them all good and well.

But I am praying for a MAJOR miracle, one that will totally knock me of my feet. A miracle that will legitimately make me pee myself and exclaim “oh shit!” A miracle that will stare me in my face and introduced itself as such, “hi, I’m the miracle you’ve been asking for.”

I’ve never really prayed such a bold prayer before, demanding a miracle from God, but I want one and so I’m going to ask for it.

My other prayer for this month is remain positive! I’m naturally moody and pessimistic and I think the worst of every situation, so it is quite hard for me to be positive. I’ve been working on this being positive thing ALL year and I don’t see any improvement. So a new month is a chance to refresh.

I just want to feel light and feathery this month!!

what are your hopes for this new month?

6 thoughts on “1:Blogtober: I need a miracle!!

  1. Hi! Interesting post, I just finished reading BREAK OUT by Joel Olsteen and you reminded me of what he mentioned about praying bold prayers. If I ask for EXTRAordinary, God will give me such. I’m praying for a better job. And guidance on my next decision in life, I’m also splitting up with my daughters dad, so a new place with all of our needs and then some.

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      1. Thanks girl! And like wise! It’s funny I notice the blessing always comes when I feel like giving up and I lose my patience (almost instantly or the day after I have a falling out). But I’m going to try and hold out, continue to be patient, focus on other areas I can improve on. Study my word, and continue to pray. I have been more at peace.

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  2. I think for this month I will pray for love. I act like im not looking but I think it’s time that I did. So that is my prayer. I hope our prayers are answered.

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