1: Taking stock

Happy Friday!!! Today I’m taking stockMaking :  nothing!

Cooking : I have not been cooking lately

Drinking : medium vanilla ice coffee. It’s been a fun summer

Reading: Rich and Pretty and Don’t you cry

Wanting: to make something

Looking: rough. I’ve been looking so unkempt lately

Deciding: what my next move is

Wishing: my secret blog will get some views and traffic

Enjoying: warm nights in my bed

Waiting: for everything, anything

Liking: these wonderful donuts I just ate

Wondering: “how long is this going to last?”- this not having enough funds for anything life

Loving: monkey!

Listening: Don’t you cry, audio book

Considering: idk

Buying: nothing at the moment but I have my eyes on this fuzzy long cardigan

Watching: rachet tv. Bad girls club, basketball wives, love and hip pop, Quantico is back I heard

Hoping: for a miracle

Cringing: at this hateful world

Needing: money! haha

Questioning: my life

Smelling: warm coffee

Wearing: long black cardigan, black jeans, my work t-shirt

Noticing: that my life is so mediocre

Thinking: about what next

Admiring: jewelry pieces I cannot afford

Getting:bored of my life

Feeling: stagnant

Celebrating: The weekend- not really

Forgetting: what it’s like to be carefree

Pretending: to be happy with my life?

Embracing: positivity

This post was inspired by Fig & Pepper Do your own “taking stock” and pinb-back. i want to see what y’all are up to

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