Minimalism for beginners 2.0

I’m continuing my series on minimalism for beginners. You can read about the first entry HERE. Today, I wanted to continue the topic on clothes and touch on shopping for the season as a new minimalist.

I am a serious lover of fall fashion and I have a second job at the mall so I see clothes everywhere. Clothes I want to buy and wear but I don’t even know if I need. I think that is going to be one of the challenges on this journey to minimalism, wanting things and not getting. AH.

Here are a few tips for how to survive as new minimalist during a change in seasons:

  1. Create a color scheme– I heard about this from a youtuber and I just thought that it sounded really restrictive. But I finally understand what they meant by it. Being a minimalist means living with as little as you possibly can, so the logic behind having a color scheme is that, you will only buy things with those colors. This will stop you from buying a too many clothes.
  2. Select colors that will match with most things– searching through pinterest for minimal style ideas, the majority of pictures you are more than likely to come across are that of clothes that are all white, black or a combination. Most people choose black and white because it is never out of style, it is always on trend, and it just a clean look. I personally I’m not a fan of white clothes, but I do like black and browns etc… So I developed a color scheme around that. My colors are black, grey, tan, dark blue and occasionally white. This does not mean I do not have any other colors in my closet, its just helps me shop little.
  3. Shop through your clothes often– If you are in the beginning stages of a minimalist lifestyle, I assume you still haven’t gotten rid of all your clothes yet. My advice will be to look through your fall and winter clothes first before you go out and purchase new ones.
  4. Shop intentionally– Feeding of my 3rd tip, after you’ve gone through your old clothes and gotten rid of the ones you do not want, make a list of what you need to buy and go to the stores looking for those items only. Also, when picking up clothes, think about the longevity of it, as in quality and usage. Buy something you can wear again next fall and winter and not just something that is trendy only for 2016.
  5. Have fun! I just wanted to add this because the tips I gave appear too serious and I don’t think minimalism should be THAT serious especially if it is what you want.

How are you living simple? let me know


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