open letter #2: To My Future Children

My sweet babies,

By the time you learn how to read and understand, you will no longer be babies, but I do hope you learn quickly. You will not be walking around my house at 12 years old not knowing how to read. LMAO- laughing my ass off. This is just in case LMAO is no longer a thing, so I’m going to spare you a google search. I’m sure turning to google for answers will always be a thing. I didn’t mean what I said above…maybe, but listen!

Speak up for yourself

As you saw from my joke above, not really a joke, but you can see already that I’m going to impose my goals on you. I’m going to want things to appear certain way and expect things that may not be realistic to you. I encourage you to speak up for yourself, respectfully of course. But I want you to be able to tell me when I am putting too much pressure on you, when I am being too controlling, when I am making you into a clone of myself, etc…Please speak up because you need to know that you are your own person and the decision you make about your own life is important, after all, it IS your life. Always remember that. In this year 2016, we have a saying that goes like this “DO YOU BOO!” meaning, live in your truth and freedom. I only hope to have led you the right way to carry such a responsibility and I am open to accept what you decide for yourself.

Try your best

Always try your best. Whether is in school, sports, doing chores, no matter what you are doing, try your best and do your best. I can’t tell you that it will always guarantee the best results, but you will know that you’ve done the best. That will always be enough for you.


In my days we spoke a lot about having good friends but I want to tell you to be the good friend. Be kind to people, stick up for others, do not do what everyone is doing if you do not want to. I want you to have compassion for others, I hope to instill that in you, and if I don’t do a good job of it, actively search for ways to learn that on your own. I pray for you to have meaningful friendship and relationships, ones that will stand the test of time. Friends that you can go pray with and gossip about your father and I with. Friends that will hug you, hold you close, not judge and lift you up when you think I don’t understand or I’m the one causing you grief. I hope you find the love of your life with very few heartaches in between.

Your most important relationship will not be with me or your father or friends or partners but it will be with Jesus. He is the one that is going to bring everything together. Your worth is in Jesus Christ alone and not in any relationship. Even before I gave birth to you, you were already loved by God and that is commitment so I hope that information alone sustains you.

I do not know what the future holds but I know many generation have to face the question of God and whether God is exist or not. I will do my best to guide you in your relationship with God by taking you to church with me and sharing my experiences with you, but ultimately the choice will be yours and you will have many people trying to make that decision for you. Do not let them! I pray that you always choose God and I pray that you experience God’s love for yourself.

I love you!

I struggle with being affectionate but I am working on it, so I hope when I have you, I know how to be affectionate. But if my affection is not shown enough, do not be deceived that I do not love you. I do not know you yet, but for the simple fact that you are mine makes me love you. No matter what life throws at you, you can always come home. Where I am will always be your home.

Some fun facts about me currently!- just in case I forget to share them with you later

  1. I have not even met your father as I write you this letter.
  2. I am very picky and I don’t eat vegetables (an argument point for you when I force you to eat healthy.)
  3. I’m not a big fan of shoes, I’d rather walk around bare foot
  4. My favorite band is Hillsong United
  5. I love coffee
  6. I love reading and writing
  7. I want to travel. But I’m saving all the best places for when you get here so we can share as a family
  8. I’m learning French. As I write this letter, I’m a lost cause.
  9. I am obsessed with keeping journals, I have so many of them
  10. I used to be a dancer but now I can’t dance to save my life!

Here is a line from one of my favorite songs that I hope to engrain in you…

You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His!!

I love you!
Your annoying but “ride or die” mother

(This is in response to Joseyphina letter challenge! write one if you plan on having kids..)

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