Minimalism for beginners

Hi Friends,

Remember when I wrote about a wanting a more balanced life? remember? no? read it HERE. I mentioned that I wanted try living a more simple live and check-out minimalism. It’s actually been a lifestyle I’ve been trying to adopt for some years now but I had a few reservation about it. I thought that :

  1. It will involve too much work,
  2. take up all my time,
  3. cost me, and
  4. that I will miss my things.
  5. wait…I thought I will just have to wear black ALL THE TIME!

But I figured I just dive in and see what happens! What better time than the present to begin living the life I want. So I’ve decided to share some tips about how my journey has began. I hope it helps…me and you!

Sort out the less important things

When I was looking for a starting point to begin my minimalist lifestyle, I took the easy route. I know it is said not to take the easy way out but honestly I think in this rare instance, this is best. By easy route, I mean begin with the things you are less attached to. The things that wont keep you up at night because it is no longer there. For me that was my jewelry and make-up. minimalism for beginnersminimalism for beginnersminimalism for beginners

I had a lot of inexpensive, rusted, faded jewelry that I quite frankly knew I would never wear again, but I always kept them, you know, just in case. But when I threw them all down and evaluated them, I realized that I didn’t need all of them and they were actually ruining my fine jewelry.

In regards to make-up, I had way more than I needed. I really didn’t need about 10 tubes of foundation and tinted moisturizer and all those lipstick? there aren’t enough days to wear all of them at least twice. I was actually holding on to a foundation, that I KNEW was not good for my skin and caused me to break out. I have no idea why, maybe I thought the foundation was going to magically change, I don’t know. Also, I don’t really wear foundation often so having that many were just sitting there and waiting to expire.

I have decided to invest in only timeless fine-jewelry that I can wear over the years and put more money towards my skin-care instead of make-up.minimalism for beginnersminimalism for beginners

Reflect on how you feel after your first attempt at de-cluttering

Really think about how not having the things you had has made you feel. If getting rid of them made you feel light, as is in my case, then continue with it. I felt like a load had been lifted of me when got rid of my jewelry and make-up. I actually saw what I had and I was able to use them. If getting rid of your things causes you anxiety, then I would say minimalism is not for you or maybe you should go at a slower pace.

*break for comment about being true to yourself* As much as people are acquiring materialistic things and making that a lifestyle, its the same way people are adopting this minimalist lifestyle. This is to say, many things are “trending” and you should feel free to try it but you don’t have to stick to it if you are not in to. Be true to yourself and own your truth.

Getting rid of clothes

One of the hardest things I had to admit to myself was that I was never going to fit into certain clothes anymore. That the jeans I loved once were never going to get past my thighs and that my stomach was not going to look flat in that dress I bought with a tag on it but never worn. Another struggle was getting rid of items people have bought for me which I kept even when I didn’t like it or was just not my style. I still have a long way to go in terms of my clothes but its been a tad easy because:

  • I’m not throwing my clothes away. I am giving them away so it will get used by someone who can actually benefit from them. *sidenote* Please don’t give your torn or soiled clothes to people, its rude!
  • Having a meaningful goal. My goal in all this is to live a more simple and more happy life and looking at clothes knowing very well I will not be fitting in to them does not make me happy. I want to dress well and in clothes that I fit in that flatters my current body, THAT will make me happy.
  • Not getting rid of everything at once. I still have clothes hanging in my closet that I know I’m not going to wear anytime soon, but they are there because I am not ready to let go.

So I order you to take baby steps in this minimalism journey. Make it worth while and learn about yourself in this process. Don’t rush it and don’t put it off either. Find a nice balance and I think for me, that’s what minimalism is all about. Finding balance!

How are you living a simple life? What do you think of minimalism?

9 thoughts on “Minimalism for beginners

  1. Since I’ve been trying this adulting thing, I’ve been trying to do small and regular de-cluttering sessions. It feels amazingly nice. I have just opened a depop store and will definitely be selling some of the stuff I never/ won’t use any time soon.
    It’s a relatively long process but it’s already great that we have started. xx


  2. Little steps are always huge. And oh all the lipstick for you only. Thank goodness you de-clutter. All the best in the cloth-journey ahead


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