MAYBE, the sun will rise

daily posts on maybe dailypostsThis is my first time participating in the dailypost! Receive me well please…

When I think of the word maybe I think of Asa’s album, Beautiful Imperfection. One of my favorite songs on there is a song called maybe.

This world is full of pain, Users and their useless ways, There’s people dying everywhere, Can’t someone tells me who’s to blame?

That first verse in the song just reminds me of everything going on in the world right now. A world filled with so much tragedy, animosity and just plain lack of kindness to one another. All this chaos has left me feeling negative about life and things to hope for. That is exactly what I think of when I think of the word maybe. When I think maybe, I think, no, impossible, never going to happen, etc..but when you look up the definition of maybe, possibly comes up. Possible to me is a positive word, to be almost- almost certain that something positive was going to happen, so I’m not sure why I associate maybe with a negative connotation.

I guess this leads into a discussion of perspective I do not want to get into now. But I’ve been working on changing my perspective from negative to positive but my God, it is so hard.

Maybe the sun will rise, Maybe the stars will shine

I want to embrace this world full of hope and faith in my heart. Faith in human beings, and faith in myself. Hope for the world and hope for my dreams and my life. This world has become a thief of hope and so now is the time to be hopeful not only for ourselves but have enough hope to inspire others.
But let me end by saying this, ALL of our hope is in Jesus christ. He sustains and replenishes us when we feel hopeless. He is the only one that can turn our maybes into possibilities! So maybe I will continue to interpret my maybes as no’s but with God in the mix, I can change my outlook.

My feet, my strength. I’m going to be myself. And nobody can stop me. I’ll finally be, who I’ll be…

does anyone listen to Asa?

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