Living a balanced life

planner minimalist balanceHi Friends!

Long time! and the reason for this blog post. I have found myself longing and aching for a balanced life lately. I have been occupied with 2 minimum wage jobs that is literally sucking the life out of me. I do not have time to be creative, I do not have time to think, I do not have time to breathe, to sleep, to do anything really. I simply do not have time and for the few hours I do have free time, I use it to attend to other things and maybe sleep. I am so tired!

No I cannot afford to quit any jobs right now! But I do not even think its about quitting either of my jobs. Balance is what I need.

For me balance means being able to keep my jobs but also have time for other things I enjoy and being able to breathe and relax. I do not know anyone around me who is living a balanced life (by my standards). It appears that doing things one enjoys or relaxing is looked down upon these days. We always have to be on the go, accomplishing one thing or the other, jumping from task to task, to be deemed as worthy, and I have bought into this idea, tiring as it is. Although I know it isn’t entirely accurate but I still find myself behaving as though my importance is based on my busyness, on saying yes to everyone, doing things for everyone. That is worst part of my busyness, it has nothing to do with me.

So I’ve been thinking about things I can do to live a balanced life:

  1. plan- I bought a planner earlier this year and I used it for a few weeks but then I abandoned it around like March, but I have decided to pick it up again. I’ve purchased some stickers, markers, etc… to make it more fun to plan.
  2. intentionally live a simple life-declutter, declutter, declutter! I want to embark on a minimalist journey!
  3. Say no to others more and say yes to me!

How are you living a more balanced life?

4 thoughts on “Living a balanced life

  1. by doing the most needful things in my life even if it means once in a while, eg, church, stroll, movies, chats and me time- this i make time for weekly

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