Life Lately: all about my June

life lately

Hi friends!

How was June for everyone?

  • Lately, I’ve been suffering from writers block. I can’t come up with content worth sharing. I do not have a huge number of following, but I still do not want to just put anything out there. So for the month of July, I will be testing out a few things. I really want to improve on my writing and just create more works that I can read back in a few months and be proud of.
  • An opportunity opened up for me in June that I don’t know how I feel about. I’ve always been one of those people who have a plan, but this new development was not in my plan but I’m hoping to make the best out of it
  • Lately, I’ve been feeling rather stagnant in life. I don’t know where things are heading and I don’t know how to get off this plateau.
  • I’ve been struggling with how to deal with social media lately as well. I go from wanting to have social media accounts to wanting to delete all of them. My issue is that, I love pictures and I love viewing other peoples photos, what I don’t like is obsessing over other peoples lives (I should probable write more about this) and others obsessing over my life. This shouldn’t even be an issue because I’m quite selective about what I share, but eh…
  • I’ve been thinking about taking a writing course. But I have so many things coming up towards the end of the year and next year that I am not sure if now is the best time.
  • I’ve been aching for community. I just don’t know where to begin to form my own tribe or find one to join.
  • I have been obessessed with McDonalds vanilla ice coffee lately! it is so delicious.
  • I’m learning to see the positive in the things that have happened to me. I have been resentful and angry for so long without even knowing, but my encounter with someone recently thought me to let it go.
  • I have not been reading any good books lately, so it might be time to branch out of my typical genre.
  • I also have not discovered any good music or artist lately
  • I’ve also checked a few things off my 101 things 1001 days!

Anyways, how has life been for you lately? what are you reading? what are you listening to?

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