Black lives does not matter

All day, I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around why Alton had to die!

Yesterday, Alton Sterling was shot 4-6 times in the chest for selling CDs outside of a local corner store. From what I saw in the video circulating around the web, these two police officers could have easily arrested and cuffed him without killing him.

But the 2 white police officers killed Alton and didn’t bother to call 911 to try and even save him, which probably would have been fruitless but that is procedure.

I think they killed Alton, because black lives DOESN’T matter. They killed him because they can get away with it. Alton is dead because there will be no public outrage

There is no general public outrage, because black lives does not matter!

Y’all remember when the zoo keepers shot and killed a gorilla to save a black baby? Do you remember the Facebook statuses, the twitter rants, the RIPs, the general concensus from EVERY race, religion, ethnic group, tribe, clan, whatever… Do you guys remember how ANGRY people were that a gorilla was dead? How dare someone kill an ANIMAL?

But today, I feel the silence! no Facebook status, no twitter rants, no petition to arrest the police officers, NOTHING! because to the world, black lives does not matter!

so what do we do as a race? what can we do? because our lives DOES matter! if not to them, to us, it really matters! How do we function and thrive in a society that cares more about an animal than a human being with brown skin?

I think the best thing we can do is to keep reminding people that black lives matters. Keep hashtagging, keep talking, keep posting, keep being magic, keep sticking-up for each other and keep living!

Steve Bantu Biko said, “black man, you are on your own.” It is definitely beginning to feel that way because our “allies” are saying “black lives matters” and “he wouldn’t have been shot dead had he complied” in the same breath, therefore justifying his death! but listen, anyone who proclaim that nonsense is not an ally. don’t trust him or her!

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