The 2 realities of death

These past few days have been hard for most of us due to the many senseless deaths that have occurred. Although I don’t anyone that have died lately, I still always grieve as if I knew  them personally, I grieve more for the people who knew them that are left behind.

The 2 sad realities of death

  1. We must move on…
    I used to think it was insensitive for people to decide to “live life to the fullest” upon the the death of someone. But the sad reality and maybe  a little insensitive reality is that, LIFE MUST GO ON, more importantly and beyond our control, life DOES move on. I grieve for the people who have lost their loved ones more so than the death of such person because, their families and friends are forced to move on. Immediately.

    Most people are consumed with various responsibilities, from taking care of their families, jobs, themselves, etc…so where is the time to grieve? How long is too long that it doesn’t appear that you’ve abandoned your important responsibilities? how long can you grieve and also appreciate the living? how soon is too soon to laugh? to go to the movies? Can you go to the wedding of your other friend? Can you go to the naming ceremony? should you go?

    Sometimes it sucks that life must go on. By next week something else would have happened, good or bad, that will demand our attention and our emotions. We will forget the people that died and won’t remember them and pray for their families till next year, when we are reminded that it is their death anniversary. It is so unfortunate.

  2. Death awaits us all
    Another thought that always lingers in my mind but becomes prevalent in the event of someones death is the reality that, we are all going to die.

    When I have this thought, I always wonder how things will be for my friends and family when I die, and also how things will be for me when any of my friends and family die before me. I become so aware of my mortality and that of others even more and it scares me. It scares me because I don’t know how I can prepare for such a thing and how I can ease my anxiety about it.

So the question is what do we do with this reality? How do we live with this knowledge? I don’t know the answer.

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