Monthly roundup: May 2016

OMG we are almost half way through the year? Can you believe it? I cannot, I heard the older you get the quicker the days go by. I completely agree.

what I learned in May

  • I learned that God always provides!
  • God doesn’t waste anything. This means that all of our experiences, our efforts, our joy, sadness, jobs, people we’ve met, etc… nothing is wasted. It very much feel like that sometimes but I learned that God will use whatever to bring us closer to Him, if that is the request we’ve made. Even when we’ve made bad decisions and have to face the consequences, God will take our bad decision and turn it into something worth while.
  • I’ve learned the importance of having a positive outlook on life.
  • I learned that I am not doing life alone


  • Jessica from Simplestylesbyjes have been offering some awesome styling tips and tricks for naturals with afros or dreads alike over at her blog which I am so appreciative off. One of my favorite posts will definitely have to be her post called Simply colorful, she shared an easy tip on how “color” natural hair without damaging the hair.
  • Another blog I have been loving is Josephina’s blog. She is writing this intense story called Family beyond blood. The story is so good I can’t take it. Every installment of the story she posts, the comment section goes crazy with different opinions and people sharing their true feelings on a story that is fiction! Her writing is unbelievable, so much talent.

What I’v been listening to

  • I’ve just got into listening to podcasts, my favorite is the elevation church podcast. Its so good
  • I’ve been obsessed with Bethel music song “Ever be,” sung by Kalley Heilignthal.
  • I’ve been listening to Drake’s “one dance” as well. I really like it. I can fake a workout out of it.


  • I finished watching Felicity. Its a 90’s show, but I’m into that now.
  • I also began watching a show called “Made in heaven.” Its the black version of ABC’s the bachelor.

lets catch up on my goals now…

  1. Lose the 5lbs I’ve been meaning to lose for the last 3 months or so…but I can’t stop eating.
    lol this didn’t happen. I may have actually gained weight
  2. Read 4 books
    this didn’t happen wither. I read one book
  3. Write at least 15 blog posts
    -this didn’t happen either, BUT I did write about 11 posts! more than I usually do
  4. Secure a full time job. I have no control over that than to keep applying but hey!
    – I’m not sure if this has happened yet or not. stat tuned
  5. Go somewhere in Columbus I have not been before or some type of event and take pictures!!
    didn’t happen
  6. Bible journal at least 5 times this month
    -this didn’t happen either. Am i even able to make commitments. This will just be a repeat lit for June.
  7. At the end of the month write about 3 ways I chose joy
    When I found out I didn’t get a particular job that I wanted, I only cried for an hour and proceeded to apply for so many more.
    -I was in a financial bind a few weeks ago, my initial reaction was, God always provide and i just kept repeating it to myself, my anxiety was eased and I could think clearer and figure out another way.
    – I chose joy by reaching out to someone when I was having credit issues 

Welp thats all!! How was YOUR May?


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