Me before you movie review

 So I watched the very anticipated, very popular, book turned movie, me before you by Jojo Moyes on Friday!

I read the book last year and did a review on it here! Check it out.

So about the movie:

When I found about the book turning to a movie, as the book snob that I am, my initial thought was, “here goes another book about to be ruined by movie.” This is because about 95 percent of the time, books don’t translate well into movies maybe due to budgeting, actors who don’t fit the characters, time constraint, etc… But for me I’m not fond of books turned movies because they go against what I’ve already imagined while reading the book.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for Me Before You. The actors, in looks and in skills matched perfectly to the characters. Lou was exactly how I thought she would be in beauty, smile and body. The Traynors castle was exactly how I pictured it. Although some things were modified and quickened for timing purposes, I think the focus and attention on all the important stories or parts were done very well. And the playlist! ahhhhh! I don’t have the words! But I couldn’t have chosen a better soundtrack for the movie.

Overall, I think the movie did the book justice!! I wonder how significant Jojo moyes role was in the movie because it’s as if the directors and producers were in the authors mind when it came to the selections of clothing, actors, venue, language, and just about everything. I was very pleased especially since I went and saw it well past midnight!

Have you read and seen the movie? How was it for you?

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