lets talk about the virgin Mary

For the month of June, I am and will be participating in Jane Johnson’s 30-day quiet time challenge We began reading the book of Luke which started with the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth.

The gist of their story i this: they both were too old to have kids, but God promised them they would have a child. Zachariah doubted the word of God but it eventually came to pass and Elizabeth got pregnant…This all was accounted for in the first chapter of Luke.

Several verses later, we are introduced to Mary who was a virgin whom was told by the angel Gabriel that she was going to have a child. She asked how a virgin was supposed to have a child, etc…(and the story goes on)

Maybe I am late or I don’t pay attention, but from my experience, when people discuss the virgin Mary, the virgin bit about her is mentioned as if she was chosen because she was pure and holy and that was why God chose her.

From my quiet time today, I was thinking, maybe the virgin bit about Mary isn’t about how pure and untouched she was. I will like to believe that there were may young girls Mary’s age who were also virgins, so it can’t just be that.

**I think the virgin bit about Mary is important to show us how God likes to show-off! (in a good way of course)**

I’m no bible scholar, but maybe God chose a virgin to display his authority of what we consider impossible. That He is able and CAN make the impossible possible. To demonstrate to us that, there is absolutely nothing that He God cannot do. I say this because the angel Gabriel make reference to Zachariah and Elizabeth and reminds Mary about how they couldn’t have kids in their old age, but Elizabeth was 6 months pregnant. Luke 1:36. So basically if God could do that, then He could also cause a virgin to give birth.

All this to say, the virgin attached to Mary’s name just maybe, may not be about her at all, but about God’s miracle performing ways!

I don’t know! What do you think?

So much love


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