It would have been sufficient, but…


A few months ago my Jewish pastor shared a Jewish Passover song with the congregation. 

It’s kind of a one word song commemorating the exodus of the Isrealites out of Egypt. 

The song is called “dayenu”- it would have been sufficient or it would have been enough if God did this thing,but he went on and did that thing… There are about 15 stanzas about how God freed them from slavery. One refers to God parting the Red Sea for the Isrealites. So they sing, it would have been enough if God parted the Red Sea for them, but he went on to drown their enemies. It would have sufficed if God just did that, but he went on and ….

This song or saying have stuck with me for all these months and I keep thinking. What is my dayenu? What am I grateful for? 

Here is my song for today: 05/26/16

  • If I had woken up today
  • In good health
  • Food to eat
  • Money for gas in my car
  • Water to drink
  • A minimum wage job (I dislike)….

Dayenu! It would have sufficed!!!

But God did more…

God always does more!!! In all ways!!

What is your song? What can you say Dayenu to?

Share with me?

So much love. 

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