Asking to be tested

Has anyone asked God to test them or maybe not ask but hope for a test?

Sometimes you learn something or you hear a word at church and you decide that you are going to practice it but never get the opportunity to, so you don’t really KNOW if you can practice what you’ve learned.

For example, what I wanted to work on this year was my reaction to the troubles of life. I wrote a post about it called “louder then.” I wanted to work on praising God in my disappointments, in my sadness, in my failures, etc…

When I wrote that post it all sounded sweet in my head. But deep down inside I wanted something to happen so I could test it out…

That sounds so crazy. Like I’m wishing for something bad to happen to me but I really don’t want anything bad to happen to me. I really want to be in my happy bubble forever but I want to know that I am growing in Christ at all times. And for me, dealing with negative circumstances allows me to see how I’m doing…

Anyways, can anyone relate? Or am I on my own with this?

So much love.

4 thoughts on “Asking to be tested

  1. Love this post! It’s great to ask God for spiritual growth and it’s easier for us to draw closer to him when we need Him the post. I can relate You are not alone on this one.


  2. Great post. Yes many times, we want to be tested to see how we react but in the times when we least expect to be tested is when we get tested. In every season, there’s a test. In the midst of each storm, God teaches us to depend on him. In him, hope and our strength is found. ✨🙏🏾

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