5: Is God enough?

30 days, 30 minutes

If you are like me and you are asking this question, my guess will be that you are currently facing some life challenges. Because I have found that it is during life toughest times, that I begin asking if God is really enough for me.

In the good times I am confident in saying that God is enough because I see Him working in my life. I see Him touching things and rearranging them and just being who I’ve read him to be and I’ve heard him to be! Those are the times he doesn’t seem so mysterious and so far away.

so the question is; is God enough ALL the time, not just some time?

To answer the question I also have to look internally and find out what it is I need him to be for me and can he meet those needs or has he met them or do I believe he is able to meet me.

Most of my needs are about finding and knowing joy, having peace that surpasses understanding, having purpose, security, being of sound mind and experiencing love. These are the things I need God to be for me, these are the things I’ve searched for in people and in things. People and things are not enough to give me those things, but God says that He is…thus the only thing left to do is for my heart and mind to agree and stand on this truth!

(read: head knowledge v. heart knowledge)

A few days ago, I found out that I didn’t pass the bar exam to become a licensed lawyer. This meant that I had failed twice and that money that had been spent for nothing because there was nothing to show for it. I cried like a baby, I could not and would not be consoled, as I write this, I’m still deeply torn about my exam results. I will be honest and say that I am one of those people who find value and self-worth in my academic accomplishments, so one can imagine how completely worthless I felt when my results showed that I failed.

These past few days, the question I’ve been asking myself is, is God really enough for me? can I find worth and value in Him alone?

The truth is that I can, because God has called me child. He says he knew me before I  was conceived, God could have called me anything but child is what He calls me. Thinking about most parent-child relationship, what I’ve realized is that I was worthy and valued way before I stated kindergarten, way before my first A in a class, way before I graduated from high school. I was worthy, I was significant, I was loved, way before I built my resume.

So I know this truth. I know that God is enough, then why do I ask?

That has a lot to do with my feelings, and boy do I have enough of it. I am always in my feelings. always! But my feelings are deceitful. My feelings waiver and change but God is constant and He doesn’t change. He has been the same for many people for many years, He is the same for us today, and He will be the same for those to come after us. which is good. God is good and enough to meet all of our needs.

I doubt this will be the last time I ask this question but I have a foundation to stand on when I begin questioning myself about who God is. That foundation is that God is the truth and He doesn’t lie to us or sugarcoat life’s realities. He has told us the we will face troubles in this life, but we also will overcome them. I can stand on the fact that, Jesus walked this earth and know my struggles, because he endured the cross but there was Easter!

God is enough because he turns the bitter into sweet, and even when he doesn’t He is still good!

so much love

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