3: heart knowledge vs. head knowledge

30 days, 30 minutes

*at this point we all know how inconsistent I am, so I need not go into how I started this challenge like a month ago and I’m just now on “day 3.” Can you say lack of discipline? 

Head knowledge I will describe as something you know to be true, it is often not clouded by other things. These are things you accept as fact or are about 95% certain off.

Heart knowledge things you may know to be true and maybe certain off, but it only takes a second for you to change your opinion about it. Heart knowledge is fickle, it changes with emotions and circumstances. BUT once it is in line with the head knowledge, it is powerful.

*are you still following? or did I confuse you just like I did myself, let me give some examples eh..*

Head knowledge says, “God is good.”no matter  what and in the good times, the heart also says “God is good.” But as soon as something bad happens, heart start questioning if God is really good. Get it? I do think for some people, it might be vice versa, the battle between their heart and head. And if you don’t have that problem, I envy you.

In a few days, something may or may not happen for me.

In my head, I know that I will be alright. I trust that God has a plan for me no matter what may come. I know this. I know this because I’ve been through other hardships where God showed up. I also knows this because I have heard of testimonies given by people about how God delivered them from something they did not think they would be able to go through. I know that I will be alright if I do not get the outcome that I want because I have people in my corner cheering for me and praying for the best for me.

But because I am one of those “follow your heart people,” I have let fear in and I am convincing myself that I will not be alright. That God isn’t looking out for me. I felt in my heart today that just maybe I am cursed (someone is doing me). My African’s brothers and sisters will understand me on this. But in my head, I know no curse, if true, is stronger than the power of God and the plans of God.

I also wonder where the division is and why there is even a division.

i dont know, till tomorrow. or some other time!

so much love

4 thoughts on “3: heart knowledge vs. head knowledge

  1. The battle of emotions is one strong battle that we fight and i believe everyone has their fair share in life, let truth prevail heart cuz even the bible say the heart is deceitful above all who can understand it but God not even us who won the heart

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