Dare you to move

I think one of the toughest questions I’ve had to ask myself lately is, “what is next?”

For a significant part of my life, I’ve been doing the school thing and now that it is over, I find myself asking, what next? I know a job comes after school. But what do you do when the job isn’t coming?

For me, I’ve been “sitting and waiting.” I’ve applied to a decent amount of jobs and I haven’t got any positive feed back. I’ve had rejections and no response. I haven’t been on a single interview this year. So I just keep applying and waiting.

I realized three days ago that April is quickly approaching, meaning a quarter of the year has passed, and I haven’t been proactive in my life. I haven’t made any moves towards what I want to do in life. Partly because I do not know what I want to do with my life, and I really do not have control over who hires me or who doesn’t. But I’ve noticed that there are things that I do have control over that I have no done anything about. I have been passive about creating the life that I want, for so many reasons I do not want to share right now but also out sheer laziness and fear.

What will happen if I stop being afraid and be a woman about my business and dare to move?! At this point I don’t know, because I’ve been waiting for things to happen for me, I’ve been stagnate. My life has reached this permanent stop sign and although I am not happy about it, I’ve accepted it and it is where I’ve found my comfort.

I think for some people like myself, looking at the big picture overwhelms us more than motivate us. Thinking about all that I would like to have happen in my life paralyzes me and I just begin thinking, “there is NO WAY THIS CAN HAPPEN,” because it seems so grand and unattainable. But I learnt today that it is okay to just attack what is in front of me and reaching my goals step by step. It maybe the case for some people to attack their goals head on but it isn’t the case for me,and its all good. i just have to keep moving and taking things step by step.

So it may take me longer than necessary to reach my goals but I will still get there. Sitting and waiting for my goals to reach me will NEVER happen and I’ve wasted time in behaving that way.

I have a few ideas of the steps I want to take, so a toast to at least moving!

may we all keep on keeping on!

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