Day 3: finding balance

30 days 30 minutes

Am I the only person struggling with balance? Often times it feels like it. I find myself looking at the lives of other people and you cannot convince me that they don’t have it all  together. I do know that it may just appear that they have together, but I too want to appear that I have it together.

I think  huge part of balancing our lives is prioritizing, but I don’t know how to prioritize. How do I pick between doing the things I love and economics.

What I mean is, do I give more of my time to my two minimum wage jobs or do I give more time to blogging, working out, attending church, attempting to and organizing my room, some of my favorite things.

My minimum  wage jobs allow me  to save a little but mostly provide my basic needs so I don’t have to borrow money. So picking up extra shifts and working everyday is economical, however, when I work about 10 days in a row with no break, I begin to feel rattled and unstable, because nothing is really fueling my soul.

Church is probably one of my favorite place to unwind!

*that was so Christian girl like…ugh*

Being that church is one of my favorite places to be, when I cannot go because I have to go to work, I begin to resent my job and it evident in the way I am during the week.

I wish there was a way I can do all the the things I need to do as well as love to do.

I am so tired, this was all I could come up in the 30 minutes!

a toast to finding balance. or nah

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