Day 2: Prayers or God

30 days, 30 minutes

Often times, night time is when I realize that I’ve gone through my whole day without acknowledging God. I begin recalling that I didn’t pray when I woke because I was in a hurry, I didn’t pray over my food before I ate because I was hungry, I din’t pray when I set of to drive, etc… I didn’t pray.

I used to feel “some type of way” about this behavior of mine that developed the older I got, as “adulting” come with many responsibilities and unnecessary burdens and NO SLEEP!

*can you tell I hate adulting?! its the absolute worst!”

some of us believe in our prayers more than God

I think most of us are under the impression that, God only “performs” when we pray. But I think, God does what He wants! I think God be choosing! He chooses to do or not to do, He chooses to rescue or not to rescue, He chooses to deliver or not to deliver. I think our prayers doesn’t have a huge impact as we think they do.

*I’m aware I’ve used “I think” too many times in one paragraph! its annoying I know. And brace yourself I’m probably going to contradict myself in the following paragraphs in regards to what I said above!*

Lets think of God our Father or Mother, whatever you like! Most guardians know what the needs of their children are right? but sometimes they wait for their child to ask before the provide. For example, a parent might know their child wants cookies and love cookies, but until the child ask for those cookies, he may not receive them.

BUT sometimes too, the parent may just give the cookies to the child without him asking.

*its all so trick, I don’t know where I’m going this*

God is not our genie

We don’t rub His belly by going down on our knees and asking for things. He isn’t going to hand us everything we ask for, just because we ask in prayer.

Prayer to me, is more for me than for God. To me, it is the steps I am taking daily to build a relationship with Go and also to calm my very active nerves. I think when I take things to God in prayer, I am essentially saying that, I trust Him to be there for me in whatever way I am asking. I am saying, God, I know YOUR WILL will be done, but I am also choosing to trust You with this situation. God, I am choosing to trust you with my loved ones. When I intercede for them, I am trusting you to reveal Your love and grace to them. When I pray I am telling God, that “I CHOOSE YOU, I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE YOU.”

To rely on our prayers to work for us will ultimately create distance between us and God and treating Him as our genie will even make it worst.

Because God does say NO sometimes and no amount of fasting and prayers, or long loud prayers will make Him bend to our will.

anyways my time is up. Maybe I will do a part 2 when I get my thoughts together!

until tomorrow,
so much love.

if you have any thoughts on prayer, I will so love to hear it

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