10 Signs you are dealing with a Christian girl

christian girl

  1.  She always share her favorite scripture in her bio on at least one of her social medias.
  2. Freaks out when “oceans” by Hillsong United is played and dies a little when she hears “break every chain” by Jesus culture. Seriously back away for there will be a lot of arms lifting, arms stretching and a good amount of tears.
  3. She just LOVES community!
  4. The sermon is always “sooooooo good.” Don’t worry she will post a picture on instagram with a little bit of the message shared at service. Speaking of instagram,
  5. She has a “healthy” amount of selfies among many random pictures of her bed sheets, pillows, carpet, pet, grass, window, quotes and her hand on a bible passage. After all, she isn’t really consumed with self and you must know this.
  6. Everything she has gone through in life really “stretched and molded” her to know Christ better and strengthen her faith.
  7. She has a lifestyle blog.
  8. She just loves coffee and conversation, SIMULTANEOUSLY!
  9. She keeps a journal for EVERYTHING. A bible journal, a gratitude journal, a prayer journal, a breathing journal, an everyday personal journal, journal of sacred conversations with God, journal about her past, a journal about journaling journal.

    christian girl
    my own pile of journals
  10. FINALLY, she is absolutely AMAZED by the grace and love of God. And she makes sure you know it in her bio on social media, in a random conversation, under a picture of her feet, etc… it doesn’t matter, SHE MUST SHARE GOD’s GRACE!!

here are some bonuses bonus:

  1. She “STRIVES to be the Proverbs 31 woman” And she uses this exact phrase!
  2. When she says “I will pray for you,” be prepared to bow your head and close your eyes where ever you are. Because we can pray anywhere and God is everywhere!

If she meets 5/10 of these, you got yourself a Christian girl!

I don’t know what made me write this, but it was so much fun and probably not that accurate, but I’m sure you can find one person who meets at least 2 of these. Share this post with them if you do know someone like this, it will make for a good laugh!

so much love

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