Glorious New Year: Resolution!

I used to be one of the people who thought new year resolutions were silly and just a cliche thing for many people to participate in. I thought I was too cool to join in, in the making of resolutions. After all, no one ever did what they said were going to do, it was all just for show.

But in last few years, I’ve become a New Year’s resolution-maker. As  I get older I’ve become appreciative of a new year, a new year is such a big deal. I know each day we get is a big deal and we need to take advantage of it, but  a brand new year, is like each new day on steroids. right? There is a hope that comes with the new year that I can’t describe. This bright hope that tells you, you can do anything as soon as the new year approaches. But why not?! whether our resolutions lasts for a month or 3, or 6 months or in some cases, like my gym goal, a week. The joy in hoping is so necessary for me at this point in my life and imagine necessary for most people.

There is so much I would love to see happen in 2016 and I will love to have a list of resolution, but after thinking and praying, I opted for a phrase this year. My phrase is from a song by Hillsong United, entitled “Even when it hurts (Praise song)”

This song is different from any praise song I’ve heard. Majority of the time, praise songs are for when you are rejoicing and for when you’ve seen something good manifest in your life. However, this praise song is for when you are alone and down and shit just doesn’t make sense, its LOUDER THEN, God’s praises ought to be sung. so my phrase is “Louder then.”

even when the fight seems lost, I’ll praise You.
even when it hurts like hell, I’ll praise You.
even when it makes no sense to sing,
LOUDER THEN, I’ll sing Your praise
I will ONLY sing Your praise

when I have no money, LOUDER THEN
when I’m hurting, LOUDER THEN
if my car breaks down, LOUDER THEN
if I fail the bar again and don’t get my license, LOUDER THEN
in my confusion, LOUDER THEN
If I don’t get the job I want, LOUDER THEN

It’s in those moments I’ll sing God’s praise the loudest, because just like scripture says in Daniel 3, summed up in this short phrase:

and if not, He is STILL good

2015, I failed to see God’s goodness, I relied so much on self and will power and positive thinking and none of it helped me. Positive vibes and thoughts did not sustain me, it was just that a vibe! Vibes do not last, but God’s word and love and grace does! Those things last, and that is what I want to drink from this year. To be able sing, “LOUDER THEN, I will sing Your praise” to God because I am counting and reaching for him alone.

We are told this in John 16:33

In this world, you will have troubles, BUT take heart, I HAVE overcome the world.

He that has overcome the world, carries my problems, our problems, He can handle it all and when He isn’t handling it the way, we think He should, our praises should not cease.

I’m not sure how this year is going to pan out for me, although I’m filled with hope, I also know I have some tough days ahead of me. I also know that my comfort zone is sadness, self-reliance and pushing God away when times are tough. So, as I write this, I know I’m speaking a big game saying my response to any mishaps will be LOUDER THEN. I am saying to myself “talk is cheap.” But I also know that God is gracious and will meet me where ever I’m at and give me a song to sing when I’m down and out.

and my heart burns only for You,
You are all, You are all I want.
Lord my soul waits ONLY for You,
I will sing till the miracle comes

That said, I declare 2016, the year of praising God through the storm!!

even when my time on earth, is done,
LOUDER THEN, I’ll sing Your praise.
I will ONLY sing your praise!

do you have any New Years resolutions, or word of the year or phrase of the year?

so much love

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