2015 tag: lesson learned, best memory, accomplishments


We’re still in the spirit of welcoming the New Year! How exciting! I thought I keep this going by doing this tag I found on youtube. Obviously it is catered to youtube, so I will eliminate the questions that are inapplicable!

Most Embarrassing Moment of 2015

I’m almost like a walking embarrassment so I do not realize when embarrassing things happen. Like really? what is being embarrassed? lol

Biggest Accomplishment of 2015

GRADUATING from school!!

Best Memory of 2015

Being in Ghana earlier in the year with my loved ones

Biggest Obstacle of 2015

I would say myself, specifically, my reactions to situations. This year I was especially aware of how self-harming my reaction to things were. I have no control over my negative thoughts and I allowed it to overtake me.

Regrets of 2015

I’ll love to say I have no regrets because  “it thought me a lesson” but that would be a lie. I don’t feel comfortable sharing them now, but I do have some regrets.

Most Memorable Phrase of 2015

“Miley, what’s good?”- Nicki Minaj

Lessons learned from 2015

I’m not sure I’m quite learned in these areas just yet, but 3 big things 2015 thought me were:

  1. humility- after I was done with school and couldn’t get the job I wanted,I had to settle for a minimum wage job, I felt ashamed. l was ashamed that people will think I didn’t make anything out of my life and just a bunch of nonsense. I was so arrogant in thought. At my minimum wage job, I’ve met some hard working people, who are kind and put their families on a pedestal, and are doing what they have to do for them. Meeting some of my co-workers thought me to be more humble.
  2. trust-  We live in a a world where we are thought to trust no one. For me, I am learning that, people CAN be trusted. I’ve also learned to trust myself a little bit more too. To trust in my decisions and my needs and wants.
  3. opinions of others do not matter as much as I think they do- I learned that, people have so much to say, but at the end of the day, this life is mine. I am accountable for how my life turns out. If I allows others opinion in my head and heart and I lose sleep over it, they still sleep just fine at night. So I need to create my own opinions about my life and trust them!

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