Budget friendly Christmas gift ideas and tips

budget friendly christmas gift ideas and tipsHope this advent season is going well for you, and if it isn’t, I am praying for you. This time of the year can be stressful for many of us, especially if you aren’t financially stable and all you want to do, is buy something nice for the people you love.

I wanted to write this post because I felt there was a need for a budget friendly Christmas gift ideas. Most blogs and videos I’ve watched about gift ideas are way out of my budget and isn’t feasible for someone in my situation. So I hope this help someone.

  • TIP: be honest with the people around you about your financial situation. I’m sure the closest people around you know if you are struggling with finances, but if you co-workers or other friends want to have a gift-exchange, simply tell them you can’t. I don’t advice you to share your sob story with everyone or show people how empty your bank out it, I’m asking that you be honest with them and just say, its not in the budget for you. If you have children, explain the financial situation to them.
  • IDEA FOR HIM: Because it is difficult to find good quality inexpensive things for men, I will suggest you take him to dinner or out for drinks. Most bars serve drinks for $7.00 a cup, buy him TWO. Take him to a sports bar, grill, or restaurant., those establishments typically have food for less that $15.00, share a meal or each of you can get an appetizer. He is your significant other, He will understand your efforts and appreciate them.
  • IDEA (for family you live with): homemade coupon books! You know your family best, you know the chores they hate doing, the arguments about where to eat and what to watch, etc…with a coupon book, you can get create and relieve people off some chores for about a week or so. for example, a  coupon could say “mom will wash dishes for 2 weeks.” or “present this coupon in turn for forgiveness.” or “present this coupon to pick the restaurant we eat at or the movie we watch.” You catch my drift? You just need to get creative.
  • TIP: shop early: If you have not began shopping already, START! that way you can spread your pay check out and not spend it all at once.
  • TIP: belated Christmas gift: Going along with what I said above, if you haven’t started shopping already, make a list and start now, and let some people know they will get the gifts at a later date.
  • IDEA FOR HER: you’re in luck, because girls are so easy to shop for and you can find some inexpensive things for her that actually look nice. If you followed my first tip and re honest with her, I am certain, she will take a nice letter from you expressing your feelings. But if you must buy something, you can’t go wrong with candles, socks, books, dinner, etc… the list is endless! and all the things I’ve mentioned are under $20. You can get more for your money, if you keep your eye out for coupons. EVERY store will be having sales leading up to Christmas.
  • IDEA FOR KIDS: buy them things they need. If you have kids in grade school, I believe that is between 5 years old all the way to 14 years old, I suggest you buy them what they need. You are going to buy them anyways, so why not present them in a form of a gift. Again, explain to them the financial situation you’re facing, so they know why they are receiving clothes and jackets and shoes instead of an iphone or Xbox, or some fancy name brand purse. You too get to save money, because when school resumes (in regards to USA) after winter break, they too can tell their friends they got Christmas presents and you too wont have to stress out about not having enough money for a jacket because you spent it on a XBOX or playstation.
  • IDEA FOR PARENTS: I don’t know how your parents are, but I know for the most part, parents don’t need or want anything, they do however want your company, so give them a few hours of your time. You can do so by simply watching TV with the, visiting them or grabbing some food or drink with them.
  • TIP: please please do not forget yourself!! Do not stress about gift giving, if you do not have it, YOU SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE IT! Do not lose sleep over not giving gifts, God willing next year will roll around, you financial situation WILL BE BETTER and you WILL BE ABLE to afford the gifts you want. So until then, just hang out with your friends and family and make each other laugh!

I really hope you found this useful!


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