101 things in 1001 days project

101 things in 1001 days101 things in 1001 days was designed by a blogger named Mackenzie, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find her blog post to link it. But there are so many of these posts in the blogsphere with better explanation of the purpose of this.

For me, I wanted to do this because over the years, I have no memory of my accomplishments. I can’t even tell you one thing I did this year that made me happy or proud, so with this list, I can live more intentionally and keep track of it.

I am very excited about this. I hope to be blogging as I check of the list. below is my list!

start date: December 1, 2015
end date: August 28, 2018


  1. travel to 3 states I’ve never been
    – Indiana: 03/17/2016
  2. travel to 1 country
  3. buy a stranger coffee
  4. know 20 NEW memory verses by heart
  5. go on a road trip with a significant other
  6. purchase a Jo Malone perfume
  7. become a lawyer
  8. move out of my parents house
  9. read 100 books
    The choice- nicholas sparks
    Undr the udala trees- Chinelo Okparanta
  10. be in a committed relationship
  11. learn to sow
  12. buy a stranger dinner
  13. read through the new testament
  14. have a giveaway on the blog
  15. get eyebrows done
  16. get a decent car
  17. one month of no gossiping
  18. one month of no complaints
  19. read through the Psalms and Proverbs
  20. finish writing a book of prayers
  21. one month without meat 
    February 2016
  22. attend a hillsong united concert/conference
  23. buy a red dress
  24. buy 2 board games and actually use it
  25. go on a romantic date with significant other
  26. attend 3 concerts
    Winter Jam- 01/07/16
  27. run for a cause
  28. attend an immigration conference
  29. try and finishing eating some type of salad
  30. complete a project life
  31. send someone a care package for no reason
  32. hide a not note in a library book
  33. take pictures of 101 things I do, print and create an album
  34. save $10 for each thing I accomplish
  35. treat my significant other to breakfast in bed (lol)
  36. do or buy something super nice for my mother
  37. buy something super nice for my siblings
  38. have a solo day with my niece
  39. experience NY shopping scene
  40. join a small group at church
  41. host a small dinner party. (I be chef’n)
  42. get my first real job
  43. reach 1000 followers on this blog
  44. wear a bathing suit (yikes)
  45. complete the 30 days squat challenge
  46. pay off my credit cards
  47. attend coachella
  48. sip and stroke with my sister, mom and aunt
  49. write letters to a few people to be opened in 10 years
  50. make a Lenten list
  51. finish Lenten season (no excuses)
  52. no alcohol for a month
  53. one month of no jeans
  54. one month of skirts and dresses
  55. leave Macys
  56. complete 365 photo project
  57. attend a zumba class
  58. go to a sports event
    Pacers vs. raptors 03/17/16
  59. attend a foreign festival
  60. get a pedicure
  61. make bread from scratch
  62. go to a drive-in movie theater with significant other
  63. lose 15 pounds
  64. tell a manager about good customer service I receive
  65. do or buy significant other something really nice
  66. write love letters to significant other
  67. plan a surprise trip
  68. try 20 new foods and blog about it
  69. learn to change a car tire
  70. go on a mission trip
  71. go to a museum
  72. make a list of 50 inspirational quotes
  73. get a Brazilian wax
  74. get a facial
  75. take 3 courses at church
    Maturity 201
  76. no soda for a month
  77. begin a gratitude journal
  78. get a private blog
  79. leave a 100% tip for good service  02/14/16
  80. say yes to something I’m afraid off at least 10 times
  81. create a blogging series
  82. go zip-lining
  83. complete 10 DIY projects from pinterest
  84. no starbucks for a month
  85. go to 10 places in Ohio I’ve never been
  86. learn how to knit
  87. go hiking
  88. visit 10 cities  and take pictures
  89. answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
  90. visit 10 coffee houses. minus the chain ones
  91. blog everyday for a month (no excuses)
  92. finish vitamins
  93. befriend someone I ordinarily wouldn’t
  94. buy a plant and keep it alive
  95. guest blog
  96. complete at least 70% of this list
  97. sleep without laptop in bed for a month
  98. donate blood
  99. serve at food pantry or shelter
  100. finish all the books I have
  101. write 101 list



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