“the pray for______” and “blacklivesmatters” culture

Christ the solid rock I stand….all other grounds is sinking sand!

I am so sick and tired of this “pray for _____” culture that we are in, that we are getting accustomed to or have gotten accustom to. I am so tired of  the “blacklivesmatters” slogan and hashtags that we  have become so familiar with in our culture. I am just tired!

None of these tragedies have hit close home to me, so I will be completely arrogant to pretend I feel or understand the pain of the black students on various campuses who are being threatened. It will be the biggest lie to pretend I know the magnitude of the pain the city of Paris is feeling, and more importantly, how families and friends are feeling over losing “their person” in a tragedy like that.

So from the outside looking in, from very far away, I feel tired and hopeless and I am struggling to see God in this. I know God isn’t literally IN THIS, as this is caused by the enemy, but I am struggling on how to tell someone or post on IG, “pray for Paris” when I wouldn’t be able to speak any words to anyone or cry out to God on behalf of anyone, and tell them God is good, that God is comfort.

How do I tell my brothers and sisters fighting to get their degrees, piling up student loans,  all the whiles receiving death threats for being black, that God is here with you, that I’m praying for you?.

What if they ask, “what exactly are you praying for?”

What if Paris asks, “what exactly are you praying for?

I’m not sure what I would say, I’m not sure if anything needs to be said.

All I can think of in these moments are, there better be a God and He better be justice and He better make all things a new. Because for myself and many others around the world, our hope is built on nothing else, but Jesus Christ.

I just pray for God’s kingdom to come and may we all find solace in His return soon!

so much love

2 thoughts on ““the pray for______” and “blacklivesmatters” culture

  1. You, my dear, are not looking in from the outside. You are right in the middle. Black lives matter… because if you have a brother, nephew, cousin, uncle.. and prayers for Paris.. because the amount of loss is deafening.

    I am not one that “prays for” or champions a hashtag either, but all of these happenings touch all of us even if we choose not to place it in the forefront of our minds.


    1. I was all in my feelings as I typed that post, so I may not have expressed myself properly.
      I am not tired of the slogans per se, I am tired of the fact that it keep popping up because we need them due to horrible things happening. as in, the horrible things need to stop, so we can stop needing them.

      I say outside looking in because I didnt want to make it about me. technically speaking I can mourn with Paris, but it will be insensitive to say my level of pain is like theirs. for example saying, I understand the pain of losing a mother to death, when mine is alive.

      i hope this clarifies what I meant to say. thanks for stopping by

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