Life lately: maybe I’m the exception

  I want to start of by saying I have a new instagram for THIS blog. I no longer felt comfortable having a personal blog, but I loved having an instagram account. I will really appreciate it if you all head over and follow me!!let me know if you do, so I can follow back!

Hey friends,

There are only 2 months left of 2015, will it be completely un-christian like to say I can’t wait for it to be over? Can I say that? I do want it to be over!!

 October was such a sad month for me, despite the fact that it was my birth month. In October, I found out that I didn’t pass the Ohio state bar exam. For me, I never thought I was capable of entering law school, let alone, graduating from law school and eventually becoming a lawyer. Not passing the bar, brought back all these feelings of not being good enough for anything. To top it all off, I work in retail earning minimum wage. that is not higher-ed promised me!! 

I’ve been so shaking by the way things are turning out in my life that my spirits are all the way down. Going through school, I knew the job market was not its best for grad students, but I thought, maybe I am different, maybe I’m the exception and to find out that I’m not, that I am just in the mix like everyone else? what a shock right?!

I don’t know where I go from here with building a career and such but I am hopeful.

I am however looking forward to seeing how all these disappointments shape me into being a better person for all the people around. I am seeking God in all this and praying to see Him in all of this. I guess I now I have time to dedicate to this blog. I’m not sure where I want to take this blog, I feel like I want it to grow and have more readers, but at the same time, the intimacy of  small following allows me to be more authentic.

I am hoping to do more things on this blog. I am a sucker for all things natural hair, so brace yourself for more of that. I will also be doing make-up and fashion posts, rarely but will see how you guys feel about it. I’ve noticed my book reviews get a lot of hits, so I will try to do more of those since its a favorite for you guys. My faith and inspirational posts will  always be the heart of this blog, so if you catch me slipping in that area, shoot me an email.

I hope you all are having a good start to the weekend. I’m having a decent time, “dranks” in mugs and Sade! night is made.

much love and lets finish the last 2 months with bang!!
ayeeeee! aye! aye!

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