22: Blogtober: Lauren Daigle

Hi friends!

I wanted to share something or someone that God has been using  minister to me in this season of wait and season of tests! Lauren Daigle.

I heard her on my radio earlier this year singing one of her popular songs “HOW CAN IT BE?” The song moved me to tears. After playing it over and over and over again, I moved on to other songs. But 2 weeks ago, again on the radio she caught my attention with her new single, “FIRST.” This song initially made me feel guilty, so I was turned off. The beginning of the song says, “before I bring my needs, I’m going to bring my heart.” then it goes on to sing about seeking God first before any of our human wants and needs, the exact opposite of what I’ve been doing. But listening it to it more and more, I realized guilt is such a waste of time and this song should instead be my prayer.

*this was meant to be a short text post, but here I am over-writing. But hey, I WRITE WHAT I LIKE! see what I did there*

Yesterday, I heard another single by Lauren Daigle called “COME ALIVE (dry bones) I honestly cannot get over this song. In an interview I watched of her and her co-writer, the idea behind the song was from Ezekeil 37, where God commanded Ezekeil to prophesy to dry bones and command the to come alive. I went on to read the chapter for myself and its a passage on hope. Hope in the Lord, hope that God who is sovereign will rescue Israel.

I love the song so much because it removes the focus from us, from our will, from our wants and dreams but rather reaffirms our dependency on God. That God alone is able to give us and has given us the authority to command the “dry bones” in our lives to come alive. That he alone can put His spirit in us and we will live (1 v. 14)

When they talked about “dry bones” it wasn’t in a materialistic sense, like I thought the song was about, but in bringing people back to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I found that so refreshing and I found purpose, because I know that is something I can do, through this blog and praying for people who have walked away from God.

I really hope these songs minister to you as it did me!

until tomorrow
much love

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