18:Blogtober: ch ch ch cherry bomb 

Bringing you something a little different today, one of my favorite fall lipsticks!

For church today, I thought I’d polish my face to go meet my maker who says I am beautiful in His sight just the way I am and asks me to come as I am.

*the irony*

 IMG_2847 (2)

I applied Black Radiance’s BB cream in “Honey Amber.” Black radiance because they are a few of the brown girl friendly drug store products. These make-up companies need to try and reach out to the brown girls a little bit more. IMG_2824 (2)Then I tried to do something fancy with my eyes using Maybelline’s “NUDE” pallete! can you see the fanciness or nah?IMG_2822 (2)Then comes the star of this post, Wet n’ Wild’s “cherry bomb.” I am so in love with this lipstick, I could wear it everyday, but not everyday bold lips, sometimes subtle colors (let me know if u catch the reference)

I really like how pigmented and long lasting it is. I will honestly compare it to MAC lipsticks, except they are about $14 cheaper and have really poor packaging but, $1.98, this lipstick is a winner!IMG_2844 (2)I was looking pretty cute, if I say so myself!

*I felt the need to add “just kidding” after my last sentence. As much as we take selfies and beg people to have confidence in themselves, I wonder why we still feel uncomfortable complimenting ourselves, well I do. Anyways, I should save this for a more in depth post.*

Do let me know what your favorite lipsticks are, will love to try them.
so much love

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