14:Blogtober: I hate my birthday?

Yesterday was my birthday!!! Happy birthday to me. How is here my day went. 

  • #libranation! I had to say that. 
  • The night before, I found out I get free Starbucks coffee for my birthday. That was exciting. 
  • I woke up to some birthday love and that’s when my mood began to change. People even remembering it was my birthday just made my heart so full, sadness took over. Strange huh?
  • I got my free coffee on my way to work. I worked guys. Yes. 
  • I was excited to be at work because only one girl new it was my bday so I didn’t expect any attention and I didn’t get any till 3 hours into working when I received some really beautiful gifts. It took everything in me not to cry. 
  • I decided to go home early because I was just so overwhelmed with their kindness. 
  • When I got home I received more gifts. At this point. I’m praying the day ends already so people can quit loving me. I honestly didn’t know what to do with all the attention and love. 
  • Later on I ate sooooooooo freaking much. My friends took me out. 
  • Got home and received gifts from my hooyo(mother)
  • I also got a birthday song from a real singer. Not shading any of my friends who sang for me, but THERE was a huge difference between the real singer and theirs. 

All in all. I had a really nice birthday but boy am I glad it is over. 

Till next year anyways. Assuming I live that long, God willing. 

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