11: Blogtober: That’s the ish I don’t like

As you can already tell by the title, this is about to be a rant!!

As someone who snitches on herself all the time, it absolutely drives me insane when people don’t hold themselves accountable for things that happen to them or their mistakes. That’s the ish I really don’t like.

Today, at my minimum wage job, I experienced a co-worker completely ignore her own failure to communicate to the appropriate parties about something concerning her schedule. But when ish hit the fan, I was questioned or basically held accountable for the consequences of her failure to communicate well. Obviously some lies were told, and obviously, when one is new at a place, they re less likely to be believed. This is what happened to me!

My spirit is just vexed because, I EXPECT PEOPLE TO HOLD THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE! AT ALL TIMES! Saving yourself or dodging the consequences is not nearly as beneficial as confessing or snitching! I know the say “snitches get stitches”

*I’m not saying snitch on other people. Here, I’m talking about telling on yourself, being honest and forthcoming about your mistakes and taking the consequences! But if you are going to snitch on other people do it at your own discretion. anyways back to what I was saying.*

but honestly, how proud will we feel if we could just say, “I got these scars from being honest even though the consequences that came with it caused me pain or shame.”

I’ve just been so upset over this issue the whole day and I’ve lost so much respect for my co-worker.

I just dey vex waaaa!

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