1:Blogtober: October skies

 This year, I am partaking in Blogtober, meaning I will be blogging everyday in October. I will just be rambling for the most part unless something speaks to my heart and I feel inclined to write about it.

I am not doing this because my life is so interesting and I have so much to share, its actually the opposite, my life isn’t the least bit interesting. I am doing this to journal more, write more, get my creative juices flowing and all the benefits that comes with writing.

It being the first of the month, it only make sense that I say a little something about last month and my hopes for this month.

Last month wasn’t the best for me as those of you who read my posts may know. I am still without a job that does for me what employment should do one. I sulked and I cried a lot last month. I was truly in a depression, and I don’t say that lightly even though I haven’t been diagnosed. Everything was wrong last month and it has spilled into this new month.

I do not know how to handle life anymore, I feel out of control all the time and I do not know how to fix it. I cannot fix myself.

This new month, I intend on building an intentional relationship with God, because I know that, where I am weak, what I cannot fix, He will take control over it.

I am hoping I have more smiles and laughter this month. I’m hoping I have a miracle to share with you all. I am hoping to see the glory of the Lord. I’m just hoping for a better month than last.

I don’t think I have much to say than, stay tuned.
until tomorrow,
much love

if you have any expectation for October, do share them with me, if you’d like.

snapchat: yaadoublea
Instagram: shereen_yaa

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